Get going – Get green

To have your best day on the bike you need proper fuel before and after. This delicious smoothies from Meg Gillmer is just the thing to get you going. And Meg Knows what she’s talking about. She’s an avid cyclist and triathlete and writer of the blog – The wholesome athlete.

Visit her site for more recipes like this one and many more (all of the bars look delicious)

Meg says “This smoothie is a favourite! It’s perfect for any time but I love to have it after a hard ride. Good quality fats, protein and nutrients for your body to absorb.”


Go Go Green!


  • 1 cup milk (almond, soy, rice,)
  • 1/2 cup water or coconut water
  • 1 peeled and frozen banana
  • Flesh of half avocado
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Handful baby spinach leaves
  • 2Tbs nut butter
  • handful of ice


  • Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
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