Cycle Style – Meet Meg

Name: Meg Gillmer
Location: Sydney, Australia
Bikes: Bianchi Infinito, CV (Road), Trek Superfly (XC MTB), Focus SAM (Gravity MTB)

Meet Meg. She’s the culinary genius behind the nutritious and delicious recipes on our blog. She has her own lifestyle and wellness site – and is an all around awesome girl with a love of 2 wheels. We were able to pick her brain and learn more about her unique approach to cycling for part of a new series we are doing here called Cycle Style, where we explore peoples personal take on cycling.

Where are you?

I am based in Sydney, Australia on the North shore.

Why do you cycle?/What’s your cycling style?

On the road, I ride solo for most of my sessions. I like to solitude that long road rides give me. It’s my thinking time, my moment for calm and my source of clarity. I love the mental challenge of endurance riding, knowing that I’m testing my body on so many levels. I am addicted to improvement and the fact that if I train hard I will get the results. Mountain biking is relatively new to me and I’m hooked! I really enjoy the company on rides, the friendships I’ve made and the fun of racing. The adrenalin rush of nailing technical sections of trails is something I have grown to love.

Can you share a favourite cycling memory or moment?

One of my favourite moments was completing Peaks Challenge in under cut off time. It’s a gruelling one day event on the road bike: 235km with over 4000 vertical meters. I remember crossing the line in under 13 hours and just feeling so proud of myself. That I’d accomplished something that I was told “Probably wasn’t for me…” I trained hard, I worked for it, I did it. Such a great sense of achievement.I made a goal for me to break 10 hours over 5 years and I’m slowly working towards this. In March this year, I completed my third Peaks Challenge and took a huge 1 hour off my time from last year.

What’s your favourite place to ride?

Not too far from me is a beautiful National Park which I love to ride through. It’s typically Australian with antive flora and fauna and just feels like home to me. I also love riding in Victoria to tackle some of the big climbs like Falls Creek and Mt Hotham.

meg-2Tell us about your site, the wholesome athlete. What is it about? How and why did you start it?

I basically started this as a way to share my recipes for food with friends, family and people i train with. In the beginning, it was an easier way to provide the recipes on a Facebook page as opposed to emailing everyone all the time. Mainly nutritious alternative options for natural nutrition for athletes.

It’s actually evolved into so much more. It’s become a forum to share ideas, my goals and ideas with people across the world. It has given me some ideas about combining my passions and making it into my career. I have plans to coach and mentor people with meal planning, meal prepping, health coaching and goal setting.

meg-3What motivates you on and off the bike?

My desire to keep improving. People I ride with and aspire to be like. Chasing goals.

Any last words?

I’m really grateful for so much that cycling has brought into my life; opportunity, growth and connection. I love that from opposite sides of the world, we are able to share our stories and recipes. 


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